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Choosing a Houston Criminal Attorney – Three Qualities to Keep in Mind

With a vast number of criminal attorneys in Houston available to you, you may ask yourself, “How do I choose the right one?” If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime and needs to seek out legal representation, a decision must be made about choosing the right criminal lawyer. There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing an attorney, and care should be taken to not let the stress and worry of your legal difficulties cloud your good judgment.

To simplify the selection process, here are three fundamental qualities that ought to be kept in mind when choosing a criminal defense lawyer: clear communication, area of legal expertise, and a passion for justice. Read on for further elaboration.

Clear Communication

Clear communication with the client as well as in the courtroom is an essential quality to look for in your defense attorney. It is an attorney’s job to represent clients and protect their rights, working to ensure a fair trial. An experienced and confident attorney can effectively present the case with strength and determination. The role of clear, effective communication in your defense cannot be overstated.

When you have an initial consultation with your attorney, consider the ease with which you can communicate with him or her. With so much at stake, you will want to ask your attorney about his or her communication style as well as gauge it for yourself. Remember that your criminal attorney should be able to effectively inquire, negotiate and persuade when necessary, but he or she must also be able to help you fully understand the charges you face, the options available to you, and the possible outcomes.

Area Of Legal Expertise

Your defense lawyer’s area of legal expertise can play a decisive role in your case. It may determine your defense strategy, and it may ultimately help you avoid extensive fines or lengthy prison sentences. Especially if you have been charged with a felony, getting legal representation from a Houston felony attorney with a proven track record and a great deal of experience can make all the difference.

When you meet with your defense attorney for the first time, feel free to ask about his or her experience defending clients against charges similar to the ones you are facing. For instance, if you have been accused of a drug crime, you will not only want a drug crime attorney who possesses knowledge and expertise in drug laws. The most competent and experienced litigator will have garnered familiarity with common procedures fraught with inaccuracy and frequent errors made by narcotics investigators, prosecutors, and police—both of which may later play a central role in your defense. Lastly, you may want to find out about your attorney’s plea bargain philosophy and record of getting charges reduced or dismissed.

Passion For Justice

Passion for the rights of accused individuals is a vital quality to have in your defense attorney. Combined with knowledge and expertise, passion is the characteristic that will drive a criminal attorney to conduct additional research when necessary, enlist the services of experts who may play a role in your defense, and tirelessly and aggressively defend clients.

In choosing a Houston criminal defense attorney, one should keep these three qualities in mind to help secure effective legal representation. Accused individuals have too much at stake to choose an attorney without thoughtful consideration. If you have been charged with a crime and are looking for an attorney who offers these qualities and much more, contact Houston’s Downey Law Firm today.