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Get the Best Defense for DWI

Even if you have never been charged or convicted with DWI, you may have witnessed its consequences on individuals and its heartbreaking impacts on families, even in cases where no vehicular accident or injury is involved. In addition to the possibility of serious legal penalties such as fines and incarceration, a DWI conviction can have a devastating impact on many areas of life.

A DWI can affect your ability to obtain or keep your driver’s license. It can threaten your ability to qualify for car insurance or substantially raise the price of coverage. There is a potential for more lasting effects of DWI as well, such as interference with your ability to secure or maintain employment. In all, a DWI charge is something most people hope that they will never, ever have to face.

Avoiding a DWI altogether is the best way to steer clear of personally experiencing its dire impacts. In Texas, as in much of the country, driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher constitutes driving while intoxicated.

But if you are charged with DWI, the most important thing you can do is enlist the help of an experienced DWI attorney. As with any criminal charge, there is no substitute for the best legal representation available. There are a few criteria you can look for to make sure you’ve chosen your attorney wisely:

Experience. Not only do you want an experienced DWI lawyer, but you want one who knows what to expect in the courtroom in your particular locality.

Record. While you might be able to simply go online and find out about an attorney’s rate of success at getting DWI charges reduced or dismissed, it is perfectly acceptable to ask him or her directly.

Knowledge. Your attorney should be aware of all of the latest changes in DWI law and procedures used to test BAC.

Of course, many variables may factor into the outcome of your case, including prior offenses and the severity of the current offense. However, having the right DWI attorney can make all the difference.

The Downey Law Firm has an excellent track record defending individuals against DWI charges. If you have been charged with DWI, contact us immediately to acquire the counsel of Houston’s top DWI attorneys. They have they experience, record, and knowledge you are looking for.