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Criminal Defense – A Measured Approach

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, it is no time to panic. A cool head and a clear mind will keep you at your best in court. That and a talented criminal defense attorney will help to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process.

From the moment you are charged with a crime, it is important to make decisions carefully. From choosing your defense attorney to considering your plea, a measured approach is simply the only away to go. If you hope to get the charges against you reduced or dropped, there are a few things to consider, beginning with…


…the obvious. The first thing that you should do after being arrested and charged is talk to a criminal lawyer. Call the Downey Law Firm, and you will find a Board Certified Houston defense attorney who is ready to listen. Let your attorney know exactly what happened and what you expect to get out of the case. Be clear about everything that happened during your arrest, small details can make a difference. Details may help us identify procedural flaws that could help your case immensely, perhaps getting the charges reduced or dropped.


Never underestimate the importance of the way you carry yourself in the courtroom and throughout the proceedings. Dress well, behave respectfully, and arrive on time to all of your appointments with the court and your lawyer. These actions show that you’re treating the situation with the gravity and sense of importance that it deserves. Be polite, respectful and always refer to the judge as “Your honor.” At the end of the day, how you present yourself may be a factor that can either help you or harm you.


Always listen to your criminal lawyer. We have been in this situation countless times and will have the knowledge and experience to give you the advice you need. Despite your frustration with the judicial process and its effects, be on your best behavior and be respectful to the people within the system; They may all play a role in your future. Make the right decision and go about your criminal defense case in a measured manner; it may make all the difference in the outcome of your case–and your future.