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At The Downey Law Firm, we strive to find the legal and factual issues that can convince a prosecutor to dismiss a case. As our results indicate, as Houston's top criminal and DWI attorneys, we have successfully convinced prosecutors to dismiss a wide variety of cases and have successfully defended clients in the ultimate legal arena, the jury trial. Of course, every client's case is different. Please call our office to discuss the possible outcomes we may achieve in your criminal matter.

Bank Robbery and Solicitation of Capital Murder Dismissed. Actual innocence established by evidence discovered by defense
Conspiracy to Distrubute Anabolic Steroids (Federal) Dismissed
Arson/Habitation Not Guilty *Pretrial offer: 10 years in prison
Assault Not Guilty
Assault/ Family Violence Not Guilty
Assault/Family Violence Dismissed
Aggravated Assault No Bill
*Defense Investigation establishes alibi and total innocence
Aggravated Assault No Bill: defense provided evidence of self –defense complainant was police officer
Aggravated Assault Dismissed
Aggravated Robbery Case Dismissed on day of trial
Aggravated Robbery Case Dismissed on day of trial
Aggravated Robbery
(2 restaurants)
10 yr. deferred adjudication
Aggravated Robbery Guilty of lesser offense
Robbery Dismissed
* Defense investigation establishes perjury by complaint
Aggravated Sexual Assault Mistrial
Sexual Assault Deferred Adjudication
Burglary of Habitation reduced to Burglary of Building: client given 2 year deferred adjudication
Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Felony
(First Degree)
Jury trial result: probation
Offer before trial: 12 years in prison
Burglary of a Habitation
Committed while on bond for a separate offense
deferred adjudication
Request for Early Termination from Probation for:

- Assault
- Aggravated Robbery
- Possession of Cocaine
- Burglary of Habitation



Credit Card Abuse
Motion to Quash
Case Dismissed
Criminal Mischief Dismissed
Deadly Conduct/ Discharging Weapon Dismissed
DWI Not Guilty
*test result: .12
DWI Dismissed
DWI Dismissed
DWI Dismissed
DWI Dismissed
* client struck police car
DWI Reduced to Public Intoxication
DWI Reduced to Reckless Driving
DWI 2nd
(committed while on Probation for first DWI)
2 year probation
DWI Dismissed
*Involuntary Intoxication Established.
DWI—3rd Offense Probation
Intoxication Manslaughter No Bill
Operating A Common Carrier (International Freighter) While Intoxicated
* Federal Offense
Reduced to Misdemeanor + Fine
Federal Banking Fraud Investigation
(Amount in controversy over 1,000,000)
No charges filed
False Report to a Peace Officer Dismissed
Failure to Register as Sex Offender Dismissed
Forgery 2 yr. deferred adjudication
Felon in Possession of Weapon Dismissed
Felon in Possession of Weapon *Federal and State Charges Dismissed
Injury to a Child reduced to misdemeanor
Interference with 911 Call Dismissed
Insurance Fraud > $100,000
*Federal Charge
Investigations by Police Agencies
Against clients of The Downey Law Firm

- Sexual Assault of a child
- Trademark Counterfeiting
- Indecent Exposure
- Murder
- Manslaughter/Negligent Homicide
- Fail to Stop/Give Information

Investigations by Police Agencies

no charges filed
no charges filed
no charges filed
no charges filed
no charges filed
no charges filed

Murder reduction to lesser offense of Deadly Conduct
MRP/Failure to report for 7 years Dismissed
MRP/Intoxication Assault Dismissed/probation reinstated
MRP/ Burglary of a Building
*Client committed 3 new burglaries

Probation reinstated
MRP/ Failure to pay restitution Probation reinstated
Possession of Marijuana:
Total Weight in excess of 2000 lbs
No Bill
Possession of Marijuana > 5 lbs Dismissed
Possession of Cocaine Dismissed
Possession of Cocaine Dismissed
Possession of Cocaine Dismissed

Possession of Codeine
1st deg. Felony

No Bill
Possession of Codeine Dismissed
Possession of Codeine Dismissed
Possession of Codeine Dismissed
Possession of Codeine Dismissed
Possession with Intent to Deliver
Narcotics: first degree felony
deferred adjudication/ bootcamp
Social Security Fraud
*Federal Charge
Theft of $13,000,000
5 years TDC
*Early Release Granted
Theft greater than $100,000
(From Fortune 500 Company)
*Defense investigation establishes internal inventory system of publicly traded company fundamentally flawed
Theft of Airplane Components valued at over $25,000.00 Dismissed
Theft Dismissed
Used Oil Act Violations Instructed Verdict: Not Guilty

Professional Memberships
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • State Bar of Texas Criminal Justice Section
  • National College of DUI Defense
Professional Positions
  • Instructor, DWI "Top Gun" School , Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • Faculty, State Bar of Texas Annual Advanced Criminal Law Seminar

  • Co-Chairman, Houston Police Department Crime Laboratory Serology Investigation Panel

  • Author, Instructing the Jury, 2012 State Bar of Texas Annual Advanced Criminal Law Seminar

  • Author, Subpoenaing Big Brother, 2010 TCDLA Annual Top Gun Seminar

  • Author, Picking a Skeptical Jury in A Short Amount of Time, 2008 TCDLA Annual Top Gun Seminar

  • Former Felony Prosecutor, Harris County District Attorney's Office

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