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Facing a Criminal Charge & an Addiction? Hire an Experienced Defense Attorney

As some individuals and families in the Houston area know, factors such as race, gender, class, age, income, and education are never a foolproof preventative defense against the perils of alcohol and drug abuse or addiction. Whether the addiction you are dealing with is your own or that of a loved one, the path to recovery and good health can be lengthy and difficult. Even in the best of situations, when a strong and caring support network and professional help has been enlisted, many people struggle immensely to overcome addiction.

Effects of Addiction

It is no surprise that addiction to drugs or alcohol can negatively impact many aspects of life. Among those adversely affected are the health and safety of the addict. Beyond that, addiction can impact one’s professional life, financial security, personal and family relationships, and much more. Thus, in addition to the difficulties faced by the user or addict is the suffering of the family and loved ones.

Unfortunately, additional troubles of a legal nature often accompany drug and alcohol abuse. Criminal charges in particular can compound the obstacles faced by those suffering from addiction. Under such circumstances, the help of an experienced drug crime attorney or defense lawyer may make all the difference.

Incarceration versus Treatment

Being incarcerated is no substitute for being in a drug treatment facility if you are struggling with an addiction. Whether you or your loved one is facing a drug charge or another criminal charge, hiring an experienced Houston defense attorney may offer your best chance of receiving the treatment you need so that you can stay out of trouble over the long term.

An Experienced Criminal Attorney

We have all seen examples of the wealthy and famous receiving sentences involving treatment for alcohol and drug abuse when they have committed crimes. Of course, the nature of the crime as well as other variables will play a strong role in the outcome of any case. However, an experienced defense attorney may mean the difference between a lengthy prison sentence and a penalty that involves treatment, therapy and support to help overcome addictions of all types.

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